Principal's Message

From the Principal’s Desk

Ratnamani science college was started on 2014 with novel aim of imparting the students knowledge in the emerging era of science; to be a centre of quality in science education, service learning and research. To achieve prosperity for any society or country will have to mainly rely on supreme quality of education. Hence, creating maximum opportunities to facilitate people with the best and advance education amenities is the cardinal responsibility of every government or social charitable organization. Excellent education is the only sure path to youth empowerment and to enable young minds to contribute in the overall growth of the nation.Education is the backbone and sure-cure to every burning issue of any nation.

The motto of Ratnamani science college is in line with the life philosophy of aforesaid great personalities- ensuring social welfare through education. While these facts may seems quite satisfying. This is not the junction where we intend to stop; It is indeed our earnest desire to outshine our own achievements in the field of education. We aspire to have our contribution at least in the development of Gujarat state through education.

This ignites the spirit in us that even though these college has successfully achieved several of remarkable achievements but still the quest is not over and college will continue in its endeavor of achieving higher destinations and offering the best service to the region and nation. It would be a matter of great pride for us. If our students can contribute substantially in the social welfare through education attained at Ratnamani science college and we believe that this shall surely happen!

NAME : Ms. Usha P. Chaudhary
DESIGNATION : I/C Principal & Assistant Professor